Ashamed of any hobbies?

This is slightly different from the question but I feel a bit of shame when I’m not doing anything “productive”, which for some reason my brain defines as working on a physical object or objects. So baking a cake or knitting is “productive”, but playing a video game or being on my phone is not. I don’t know why.


I watch quite a lot of stuff on YouTube. A lot of it’s kinda educational (I’ve been watching a lot of former prisoners talk about their lives in prison) but I feel awkward admitting it for some reason.

I’ll let you know my haul a bit later, as I’m eating a sausage and waffle sandwich in a hurry before Thursdsy Football

I like to watch long videos of people playing Europa universalis 4 and hearts of iron 4. I’d love to have a gaming rig to play them of but don’t so I settle for watching others play.

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yeah stuff like that conceptually seems really cool but I know I don’t have the patience to learn them.

I definitely struggle with this, which is probably why I spend so much time making useless stuff. It’s still useless, but at least I feel like I’m creating something. The whole time I’m ‘relaxing’, I’m stressing that I should be doing something useful, so I never actually relax…

Please enjoy it!

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I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life convincing a country I’ve never been to that a man I’ve never met is good.


Yeah that sounds about right. I’ve got scarves coming out of my ears but it’s fine to spend weeks making yet another one, but not to just sit on my arse.

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Watching love Island


Cities skylines and planet coaster too. Some people use those games to create pure art, but it’s the sort of thing I hide my phone screen while I’m watching because I don’t want the Mrs to see how much of it I watch.

I’d be very happy to learn those games though. So much depth and so much reward. The closest I’ve come is rollercoaster Tycoon 2, which I’m legitimately great at after 20 years of playing it. Now I have no free time and no pc, so I live vicariously through these YouTube streamers


When sudoku first came out, I got so good at them that I ended up at the national championships. (Didn’t win).

Wasn’t massively ashamed about this but a few years ago an old friend of mine asked me “so are you still doing sudokus?” And that made me feel kinda ashamed.


I watch Cities Skylines videos on YouTube, get excited to play the game again, then realise I get more enjoyment out of watching people be good at it than actually do it myself.


You shouldn’t be ashamed of this, it’s v. impressive and I’m a bit jealous.


yeah I got really into planet coaster for a bit and erm parkitect I think it was called, but I get too obsessive and ambitious and want to make gigantic builds so end up burning out on those kind of games. If you want to make stuff that looks amazing it does take a really long time. Think I’ll stick with my voxel art :slight_smile:

This is true. Fluxtrance is a fave of mine. he’s clearly spent hundreds of hours perfecting his craft and makes some very lovely landscapes

The voxel art is great too, very unique stuff

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thanks, it’s really powerful and versatile once you learn the keyboard shortcuts. I used to spend ages on minecraft builds, built a massive pirate ship once and a giant sky pyramid made of glass, but the voxel stuff scratches a similar itch but it’s more versatile and less tedious than placing blocks in minecraft for a similar effect. Never thought I’d be good at art growing up but it’s very relaxing once you get into it :slight_smile:

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One of the last sensible thinga ky gran said to me was that i should keep doinf sudokus to ‘keep your brain in gear’ (I haven’t)

This is solid advice. You can always tell the old folk who watch Countdown and do crosswords from the ones who veg out on Jeremy Kyle. My Grandpa was 96 when he died, did puzzles all the time and was sharp AF.

I don’t suppose jigsaws have a similar effect do they?