Ashamed of any hobbies?

Do you ever look up zeppelins/airships and just look at pictures of them for ages? Thrilling

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Watch youtube videos of dark souls bosses fight other dark souls bosses. Not really sure why.


Given up feeling shame about this stuff. Colleague today asked what I did with my time off and I said absolutely nothing, oh except I decided I wanted to get into making tape loops so I bought an old home karaoke machine off eBay for £20 and some job lots of mostly classical tapes then cracked the karaoke machine open to wire in a line out, look, here it is, look what I did.

Their fault for asking, and they should be grateful I didn’t start explaining what DOTA 2 is.


If I was that colleague I’d have come away thinking “I don’t do anything cool like that”.


I think the key to getting to this lack of shame about anything I do is the acceptance that absolutely nobody I’m talking to has never and will never think of me as sexually desirable, so what does it matter?

oh yeah, far more invested in the speedrun scene than i would like to admit

stayed up til 4am the other night watch a guy knock 2 seconds off a several year old world record



Similar but I seem to get sucked into what the insides of planes looks like. It starts of that I’m going on that plane but before I know it I’m watching £10k flight to Dubai to see what that seats about.

Also recently stated getting into superyacht walkthrough tours which is frankly amazing.


Spend way too much time being bang average at Rocket League

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It me (I mean in general WRT hobbies of mine, not necessarily WRT to your specific hobbies)!


Unsure if this is a real thing or I’m about to walk into an evolution of ‘BOFA’.

totally relate to this

  • love reading novels - will read 3 in a week then not read any for months, stacks of unread books all over the flat
  • get a bike and go on a couple of cycles and have an amazing time - won’t touch bike for months
  • knit one sock
  • buy an instrument, learn a few songs then never play it again

just ashamed at how bad I am at hobbies


basically I love quitting


Since I started working for them, I’ve been getting quite interested in trains/the railway.

Don’t think there’s any danger of finding me
stood on the end of a platform with a notebook and flask of weak lemon drink though.

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Watching wrestling.

Fine chatting about it on here and stuff but think i’d be ostracised from my friends groups if i started going on about it in real life.
My poor wife has to listen to me tell her that CM Punk might be coming back and go to the occasional show with me despite her having no real interest

Have you tried to annoy her at the next level by picking your own entrance music and blaring it out your phone whenever you enter the room?

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Of course


Genuinely have always been like this til I found my hobby (sewing). I just always wanted to have a hobby but nothing hugely stuck! I don’t see any harm in trying loads of stuff. I’m still like “ooh Bargello, might get into that” when I have so many unfinished crochet/cross stitch/quilting projects :joy:

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I think this is the ONLY hobby that I don’t tell anyone about


I really relate to this feeling, I need to remind myself hobbies are for enjoying, it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ we are, it only matters that we derive pleasure from them and they enrich our lives. Why do we need to be good at anything for our participation or interest in it to be legitimate? It’s bullshit.


I am a huge birdwatcher. As in, I think about it all the time, would love to be off birding somewhere at all times, and try to fit in as much as I can. However it is seen as nerdy as hell - I’d always been reticent about telling people about it, but the older I get the less fucks I give about what people think. I’ve got some teeshirts now that celebrate my love of birdwatching - see below (it’s funny as a scoter is a sea-duck, and therefore it’s a bit like motorhead but not. God bless the good people at the Probable Bird Society.

I do use my birdwatching time as a clear way of managing my mental health too - I was in a bad place on Tuesday, and dragged myself to the coast, where a half-hour watching the gannets fishing did a great job of reframing my head.