🏏 Ashes 2019! 🏏 🦗

With special guests… Ireland!

We won the World Cup, that was nice. Remember that? Time waits for no man, however, and we’re on to the test cricket. First up it’s the inaugural meeting between England and Ireland. Happily they’ve chosen Lords. Less happily it’s 4 days of 98 overs. Hmm.

And then in a week’s time we’re on to the Ashes. What a summer of cricket, eh?

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Incidentally Tim Murtagh (291 1st class wickets at 24 in his Lords career) is 2/1 to be top wicket taker for Ireland.


Lovely morning at Lords, definitely a bat first day. Looking forward to seeing a shaky 15 from Roy


The shaky 15s will come next. Guaranteed a ton today against binmen on a flat deck

I am looking forward to the upcoming Ashes series.


Sounds like Roy is settling in well :grimacing:



Burning through 3 lives in 11 balls is pretty impressive

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how are you meant to tell which team’s which?

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Unfortunately for Roy it’s not a flat deck (yet).

Hoping for a return to batting form for hero Moeen.

In at number 6. :grimacing:

Just seen Roy’s dismissal. Nice bit of bowling but pushing at it away from his body like a right handed Keaton Jennings.

Yer man Jofra’s having a good time on holidays!

Love the English kit on as well! Fair play lad

here’s a little game. which of this England side will finish the ashes with an aggregate of more than, say… 220 runs?

  • Roy
  • Burns
  • Denly
  • Root
  • Bairstow
  • Stokes
  • Butler
  • Woakes
  • Curran
  • Ali

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Hey PCN, have you seen the latest in the Haddin XII vs Hick XII? Hick XII edging into a small lead that could be decisive in a low scoring thriller.

Needs more Sam Curran.

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Really odd match - they were really trying to sort out batting conundrums but have come up with nothing!

adair has been fucking ace so far tbf