🏏 Ashes 2019! 🏏 🦗

Fucking hell, Bairstow dropped for the New Zealand Tests. I’m sure this will be spun as he’s being ‘rested’ though. No Foakes so Butter must be taking the gloves.

I suppose we need a new thread now (or maybe go back to the all purpose 2019 one)

Mahmood and Parkinson, colour me intrigued. I’m quite pleased Bairstow has been dropped to be honest.

mahmood in the test squad too? :eyes:

banton has looked shit hot every time I’ve seen him this year, like a less cocaine fuelled hales, hope mo is genuinely just being rested cause he should be the first name on the sheet for t20s

Shane Warne has received a driving ban.

He is still allowed to cut and pull though.


From what I’ve read, it is genuinely a rest - there was a lot of talk of him feeling a bit burned out after the world cup, and it’s hard to imagine him not loving going back to the captaincy at Worcestershire for a little bit…

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Delighted for saqib and parky, fully deserve their call ups :grinning:

Hope they get at least a couple of the t20s each

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I’m guessing this can’t be Sajid Mahmood coming round again? Although he was around at the same point originally as Liam Plunkett so I guess it’s not beyond possible

matty parkinson got his twin brother callum lbw and then callum did him the same way. that’s A Bit Of Fun imo


I remember seeing saj mahmood once bowl a wide that almost went for 6


More Saj Mahmood reminiscences please. I’m sure when he took his first test wicket he dropped the ball in his run up but managed to pick it up and carry on

proper shame sarah taylor has had to retire from internationals. got into women’s cricket almost entirely because I wanted to see her play, what an unreal talent.

anxiety is a shitter.



At least Bairstow knows how to eat hula hoops…


Got to see England three times when she was in the team but sadly never really saw her bat (she was out in the first over twice in the odis and England bowled on the day of the test I caught) which I’m gutted about but I’m really pleased I got to see her keep, she was absolutely incredible behind the stumps, you could see the reaction times, the stumpings, the energy. Truly a great of the game.

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LOL this bit is like one of those HSBC adverts

Manchester Originals are “celebrating a global city of firsts” and “laughing in the face of limits”. Birmingham Phoenix are “a celebration of the strength in diversity, because different is good”. Northern Superchargers are “powered by positivity and people who get stuff done”. Southern Brave are “endlessly curious, with an insatiable appetite for adventure”. Trent Rockets will launch “the biggest party in the country” exclusively for those “who don’t mind having the most fun”. Welsh Fire are “burning bright with intense passion and relentless energy” with – and this phrase might have felt particularly meaningful for whoever penned it – a “hunger to prove the haters wrong”


I reckon within the next five years people will stop saying what Hogwarts house they are in and will instead align themselves with a team from the Hundred. “Ooh, Mildred you really do have an appetite for adventure, you’re so Southern Brave! I can just imagine you as friends with Tom Curran.”


I like this for my lot:

Belong to something bigger, with Oval Invincibles. Vibrant, expressive, and free to play their own way, this team leaves a lasting impression long after the last ball.

Bearing in mind that they only have two players selected in each team and have never ever played a match.


Just started watching the :100: draft thanks to @tricklenipple’s poll in the football thread, and they’ve got a ropey fucking excel spreadsheet with irregularly-sized borders on-screen.

The absolute state of it.


awww. brunt & sciver trying to get on the same team is sweet

Absolute state of everything to do with the entire competition tbf.