Asian-American Indie lil'boom thing (Jay Som, Japanese Breakfast, Mitski &c)


It’s been great to see over the last year or two.

Jay Som’s new one is my favourite of the year and the Japanese Breakfast one wasn’t far off last year. :heart:

Have I missed any other Asian/Asian-American indie things?


Shugo Tokumaru


There should be a new Japanese Breakfast album in June / July, I believe. I saw her play a show in Birmingham a while ago, on a semi-informed whim and am very glad I did.

I’d absolutely love to Mitski, but her UK tour was - alas - one of those that skipped the Midlands. :frowning:


didn’t know Jay Som was Asian American.

really love this album, though


Not sure if she fits your description, but I’d recommend you try Thao & the Get Down Stay Down anyway. Sweet music …


Everybody Works is just tooooooo much. I love it. Desperately scrabbling for tickets to her show at Sebright Arms :cry:


I loved their first few albums. Great fun live band too.


Hmm. Have only listened to the last couple. Note to self: must do better …