Ask a question for the 2024 you πŸ§πŸ“…

As silly or as serious as you like. Ask something of your future self, and whoever remembers can bump this thread in a year’s time and we’ll come back and answer what we feel comfortable with answering in public.

Don’t have anything for myself yet so I’ll leave it for someone else to get the ball rolling.

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@3FtTallRabbityThing how’s your 30s so far?

@JaguarPirate have you got a new role at work yet?

β€œDid you finally follow through with one of your big ideas, pal??:face_with_raised_eyebrow:”


Have you learned to proof read your posts begore posted yet?


How’s your rash?

@Mert_Aksac do you remember theo kneeling down to piss


@scout have you made friends with a crow yet or what?


Would a raven be acceptable?

Yes but seems less likely. Ideally it’d actually be a jackdaw, but any corvid (except a magpie). Annoying that Fig is already friends with one despite being natural enemies.


Will I still be alive and have my hearing?


@cowcow how did you spend your twenty scottish pounds?

ps don’t forget to answer the other ones :shushing_face:

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Will you still roll your eyes when you see the β€˜eating ass’ thread is still trudging on?


@ma0sm how’s the whole course overhaul thing going?

@marckee, how have you managed to retain your humility after winning the Ballon d’Or?

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@stickboy how is fatherhood going?

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@boop have you filed your fucking tax return yet (get on with it)

@The_Respected_User - Alright dickhead, are you actually single and living in Manchester yet you complete bellend?

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@Squandered have you updated your passport yet, babes

Six months off forty, mate.

You taken that french test yet? have you