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Hi need help

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@marckee any idea why some extensions on houses don’t go all the way up to the original roof line? Our new house has a massive extension but only one side is in line with the original roof - is there a reason why?

Anyone know how to spend coop rewards? I got a few quid but there isn’t a way I can see spend them. Anyone help?

@shrewbie can you confirm the rumours that I’ve been hearing that you were a member of S Club Juniors


@1101010 do you intentionally plan your runs so they make a pretty pattern when you look at them on strava?

Pretty sure theres option at self checkout out after you scan or at the till if you get a nice person they might tell you and ask if you want it knocked off

That isn’t quite true BUT I was a backing dancer for them for a bit and once had to step in for Calvin when he was sick


And you ARE married to Wayne Bridge, right?

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that part is true yes
The stories I could tell you about my marriage to Wayne Bridge…


You probably shouldn’t though, right?

I’m not legally allowed to tell any stories about it sorry

S Club Juniors are probably all in their 30s now aren’t they (note this is a rhetorical, not a silly, question so no need to answer)

thanks for clearing this up, some DMs were flying around about this so I just wanted to clear the matter publicly.


The youngest member of S Club Juniors, Calvin Goldspink, is now 32 years old.

Doesn’t look a day over 31!


AFAIK annually (or biannually, can’t remember) you get posted a load of vouchers.

from a quick google, Calvin appears to have been one of the oldest members. i can’t believe you’ve done this.

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Stacey McClean - 32
Jay Asforis - 31
Aaron Renfree - 33
Daisy Evans - 31
Frankie Bridge - 32
Rochelle Humes - 31
Hannah Richings - 30

I’m trying to visualise what you mean, but I may have the wrong end of the stick here.

I’m not familiar with Scottish planning regulations, but in England, under permitted development rights (where you don’t need planning permission), there are restrictions on the eaves heights you can have within a certain distance of ownership boundaries. There are also restrictions on how large the extension can be in plan, and also loft conversions are bound by limits on the additional volume they give a house.

There might also be structural reasons for it, as sometimes it’s easier to support a joist or rafter if it is hung from the face of a gable wall, rather than building into it.

Maybe it’s one of those.

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that’s more like it

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The fire thing that Turkish barbers do on your ears, can you get a home kit version of one of those?