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Is there any reason why one should not use bathroom paint (ie anti-mould) in a non-bathroom?

No, apart from than it can look a little plastic-y, and most people don’t want that appearance in other rooms.

EDIT: A quick price check suggests it’s more expensive too.


Marckee, I was thinking of asking you earlier what (if any) provisions for the creation of wind-tunnels at ground level are considered in the planning of a big new skyscraper?

I haven’t really noticed that in the bathroom. Price is not an issue… room is rarely used and is susceptible to mould if we aren’t constantly on top of it…

I’ve been thinking about the shape of spaceships. Obviously they need to be a certain shape if they’re to take off from Earth, but if they’re actually built in space, do you need to make any considerations at all? They don’t have to be aerodynamic, but are there any other factors that might affect their design?

And I thought, if anyone knows the answer to this…

What’s the reason for the mold appearing? Just painting it won’t tackle the problem at source.

Yor not my TV are you JDonBalonz? We have exactly the same problem in our spare room and she thinks price is never an issue.

Big new skyscrapers will be modeled, usually virtually, and things like trees, street furniture, relief on the elevation etc can be used to mitigate the effects, but it’s unlikely to be something that affects whether planning permission is achieved, for example.

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Thanks man, I’m working on the assumption that literally none of these things were considered for the White Collar Factory as Mallow Street was nigh on impossible to actually walk up this morning

Just poor ventilation, could get an air brick, or window vents. The room has been full of shit for two years so the door has been closed 99.99% of the time which hasn’t helped and nor has the clutter I would think. Plus the radiator hasn’t been working. It is clear now and the door is open. Wanted the paint as belts and braces effort as it is easy to wipe mo(u)ld (what are we going for here?) build-up straight off.

Marckee, why are 5 Star so FUCKING CRAP?



I guess it depends on whether you want to create artificial gravity or not.

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No but I would like to be.

(paint price isn’t an issue though - it would be about £10 more for the whole room)

hi @marckee and indeed @JDonBalonz

my bath has become very mouldy around the edges of the silicon, although it is only 18 months old!

is it a killer job to redo this type of thing myself or should I get a handyman in?

Marckee, I’m hungry and i don’t know how to make it stop, what can i do?

I’ve just siliconed my bath as it happens. It is easy, problem is getting the old stuff off. Essentially you want to do one side in one go in one line of silicon. Then lick your finger and run it down the length of it (I shit you not - a plumber tipped me up on this). Plus if you fuck it up you can just take it all off and start again.

Has that finished being built?

Today is an unusual day, weather-wise though.

soft furnishings. curtains and cushions. Thick carpets etc

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Marckee i have a number of ladybirds crawling into my bathroom. What may be attracting them, have they built a nest and how do i perma get rid without killing any? I think I’m entitled to answers.

I think it’s pretty much there structurally, they seem to be working more on the stuff to the rear of the main building now.

It was unusual today in fairness but it’s noticeably a lot windier down there now than it was before to a borderline problematic degree.