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good. i shall maybe attempt it in the Easter holidays- something to look forward to isn’t it?

Soft furnishings that absorb sound or objects that provide relief and break up the sound will help to reduce the reverberation time.

Posters won’t really have much of an impact.

Mould is to shape something, mold is the fungus.

I think.

Without doubt. Also call it masticking as that is what the plumber called it and it makes you sound like a pro (unless he didn’t know what he was talking about). I also masticked around the sink splashback in my new bog. I’m mad for it. Might just mastic around anything I find.


It’s a US / UK English thing. UK uses mould for both definitions.

I think.

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The NHS do NOT agree with you. Shall we get them shut down?

They’re probably emerging from hibernation. Leave them alone and they’ll go.

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You are right!

Marckee I have a friend that talks too much. Often in one sided conversation about the topic they want to. They don’t pick up on cues that I want to either stop the conversation, or go do something else e.g. have a shower, cook some food, watch telly. Sometimes they will even follow me, continuing to talk at me while I only grunt and occasionally nod in response. How do I politely tell them to realise when to stop talking?

Hurray, the NHS is saved.

Just sigh, loudly.

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So the builder has left the old windowsill in our kitchen there and all the silicone (mastick?) is really fucking old and looks shit – is it literally just a case of peeling it all off and re-doing it? Also the sealant around the door. Maybe Balonz you can come and visit and do it for us? Thanks.

There’s some stuff in Seveneves by Neal Stephenson about this, although that’s more about orbital habitats.

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fill it with ducks. they don’t echo.


Yeah I think so. I haven’t peeled off on anything that isn’t shiney (ie bath or tiles) but I think it should peel off easily enough.

also, ducks can be class

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Just eat a LOT of eggs then stick the egg cartons all over the walls and ceiling.


this was supposed to be a hashtag, I didn’t realise that it would give it massive emphasis

Peel it off (use a stanley knife if you have to), and then rub it clean, touch in any damaged paint, and when that’s dry, wipe with white spirit before gunning in the replacement mastic.