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If you could have one mouthful of food right now, what would it be.

Big dirty Spoons curry, I’m ready and waiting


Could go a mixed grill.

You’re not me. shut your trap


@TheBarbieMovie2023 how would you feel about a Spoons mixed grill?

@TheBarbieMovie2023 what’s your favourite horror movie?

I rarely diverge from the curry so I’m not sure but I’m not a grill girl really.

Thank you.

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What’s the best way to cook an egg?

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Can you speak to your favourite fork please and why you prefer it to the other forks at your disposal

You’ve got £1.75 in change. What’re you getting from the corner shop?

Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?

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Good question. I think I’m most similar to a hamster but I’d love to be a panther (sleek and a symbol of social progress) or a pig (wallowing in my own filth)


I’m actually struggling to think of any horror movies I’ve even seen. does American werewolf in Paris count? Sorry I don’t really do horror, my personal life is horror enough xoxo

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Favourite MBV meme?

Drinking loads of Monster until your ovaries are fried. Haha!

No I think it’s scrambled eggs, although poached eggs serve their purpose.


I only have one fork at my disposal unfortunately, from my (now eaten) Spoons curry. There are lots of students preparing for an Abba night around me and I don’t want them to think I’m weird but I also want to meet your challenge so I picked up the fork and said DUT DUT DUT DUT VREW VREEEEW VREW because I’m a softgirl who is a people pleaser.

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That’s a pretty good one yeah!

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Can of Monster (original) if I have any change I’ll buy a freddo

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