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I saw a car sticker that said ‘baby jedi onboard’. Would that not be a padawan at best or just someone strong in the force? Is it possible to be a baby and fully trained in the ways of the jedi?



(fucking name)


@1101010 - is The Force™ hereditary?



If so why does Princess Leia Organa not have it?



No idea. I guess an anti-prequels type might not want to use Padawan? More likely someone in marketing with no soul or brain will have created the car sticker.


It is and she does (AFAIK) but she’s never really used it, I guess, apart from to hear Luke calling for help in Empire Strikes Back (but that’s fairly retro-fitting story-wise).


Please try to be more authoritative, this is an Ask Theo thread, you don’t want people losing faith in you.


Seems a bit of a waste.


She does.

“My father had it, I have it, my sister has it”


@1101010 In star wars the space opera why the fuck is the cult that’s not allowed to love anybody the good guys?



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Hi Theo.

I’ve got the choice between a Doomtown: Reloaded tournament and a Game of Thrones tournament this weekend. I haven’t played either in a while and am a bit out of the loop on both. They’re also about the same distance away.

So my question is, do you rate Cisco as a Starfleet captain?


Theo told me to tell you that this is quite an interesting topic and is explored in other parts of the extended universe.


Aren’t the kids called ‘Younglings’ before they become padawans?


Do they all have the force or are they just… younglings?


Younglings are kids who can use the force - they are removed from their families and taken to start their training. After passing some multiple choice exams they graduate to padawan level.


Cisco seemed pretty boring. TBH I only ever got throgh about 7 episodes of DS9 total: the first two, the first four for S4 and the jokey Tribbles anniversary one.


@1101010 what sort of thing is yoda? is he a gremlin ewok?


I would be interested to know if he has any sexual urges.


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