Asking for donations for doing an activity [polls]


What activities would or wouldn’t you donate for? Assuming the person doing the activity is what our normalised society would describe as having a “clean bill of health”, around your age and not a close friend or family.

Please add your own activities

To start off:

A skydive

  • Would donate
  • Wouldn’t donate

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Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

  • Would
  • Wouldn’t

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I’m very rarely donating to these things. Can’t really see myself ever asking for donations for doing something sponsored tbh.


Cycling from London to Brighton (about 60 miles)

  • Would
  • Wouldn’t

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Is it for charity or not?


Forgot to specify that.



Good save. I was just about to change my answers.


Not drinking alcohol for a month

  • Yes
  • No

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Ah ok thought you just meant give people money for fun


Trekking Machu Picchu

  • Yes what an amazing feat!!! Well done you!!!
  • Oh come off it, that’ll be amazing to do and you’ve wanted to do it forever anyway but now I have to sponsor you to do it??!

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All depends on who the person is who is doing it, and the charitable cause they are collecting for. The actual activity doesn’t really come into consideration.


This kind of thing really depends. Someone who I know is willing to do twice this as a Sunday leisure ride, probably not. Someone who gets on their bike one in a blue moon, probably.


Yeah also for some people these things would be extremely big achievements

Some people have never left their town etc. Lots of actual charitable activity involves taking people places to do stuff we all get to do anyway.


Depends what charity and if I like the person.


I tried to cover that in the OP


If they’re paying their own costs and it’s a charity thing I’d probably give something.


If it’s for charity it doesn’t matter what the activity is, or if there’s one at all, if i can spare some money i will. My logic would be that lots of people are much less fortunate than i am so i can just have a slightly cheaper holiday, pair of shoes, meal out, new kitchen appliance, etc.


What charitable causes would you NOT give to?


But if that was the case, you’d be giving money left, right and center!

All charities are good and worthwhile the money. Most of the people you know are decent people. The activity definitely does come into consideration otherwise “hey i’m going to play with kittens and puppies for half a day, can you sponsor me a fiver for battersea cats and dogs home pls?”



  • Yes
  • No

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