Asking for money as a gift

The idea of it leaves me a bit cold.
My sister always asked for cash from me/my parents at Christmases and whathaveyou instead of an actual present. Didn’t think it was that appropriate particularly after she turned 30 for some reason. In fact I usually buy a record or something too just so I’ve got something to physically hand over you know?
Anyway people who ask for cash are strange aren’t they? Are you one of them and if so please tell me why you are being so weird for thankingyou.

Yeah, I think it’s a bit off to request it specifically. No issue with receiving cash from a Nan or whatever but I’d never ask for it.

Cash please!

Just ask for the receipt with your gift instead.

What about when people ask for cash in lieu of a wedding gift (e.g. towards a honeymoon)?

Not sure what I think about this either but it’s pretty common practice.

Think that’s fine personally on accounts of how the demand for traditional wedding gifts is so low now thanks to nearly everybody co-habiting before marrying these days.

Tell you what is a bit off, getting given a voucher. It’s just like a shit version of cash.

People who specifically ask for cash should be given vouchers as punishment.

People asking for gifts of any kind on any occasion ever: cunts.

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Yeah that seems alright, something about rites of passage and so on that seems to signal new beginnings and stuff, warrants a bit of liquidity doesn’t it

maybe she wants to buy drugs or whatever. can’t see a problem with this me sen

“Anything you’d like for your birthday / christmas, 29?”

  • “Well, I’m currently saving for XYZ but I can’t think of anything in particular, let’s go out for a meal instead”

~receive money~

See, I don’t mind a voucher. As a parent my disposable income often gets swallowed up in boring shit (I’ve been known to use birthday money to buy work shirts before). If I get a voucher then I feel more obliged to treat myself.

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In my hometown, good luck to her

I don’t ask for cash or vouchers or anything, but as per the other gift thread I have told my mum that if she doesn’t know what to get me and would otherwise spend it on tat, just give me money or vouchers instead. I can then spent that money far more wisely on non-tat (yeah right)

I’d always rather ask for/give a gift card (even for a shop with a really broad range) so at least the money gets spent on something tangible rather than disappearing on rent or groceries or w/e.

Good point.

Just reminded me I’ve got a £50 voucher for Hargroves. Might wander up there and buy something I don’t really need! :bicyclist:

Can you get me something instead? @anon67149139

Was genuinely trying to find the ugliest casquette on their site as a laugh :joy: Hit me up if you ever fancy some SIS stuff though, I’m donating a pile to the club but at this rate I’m gonna be unable to leave my house for boxes of chocolate/orange Go bars.

vomit emoji

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