Asking for money as a gift

Given how many vouchers have such relatively short expiration dates these days, unless you know someone needs it for something imminently I consider vouchers an epically shitter version of cash…

Stop posting in italics ffs

Oh fuck, the amount of crap we’d get at HMV when someone’s vouchers had expired. Utter horrorshow. I’d extend them through the intranet in like 30 seconds or so, but there’d always be some poor temp caught up in a shitstorm

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We’ve asked for money instead of presents for the wedding.

We don’t need/want any shit to clutter the flat up and we don’t want vouchers as that will inevitably mean we have to buy shit we don’t really need/want to clutter the flat up.

Can use money towards a deposit for a new house, or a holiday or sutin.

Been to a couple of mates’ weddings and one asked for contributions towards their honeymoon as they hadn’t booked it yet, and the other asked for spending money for their honeymoon that was already booked. Not a problem with it.

It should be law that you can only give money as a gift to someone younger than you


I’m now above using the insult that i would once have used in this reply.


That would really narrow down the field for you wouldn’t it.

Happy birthday btw 'lonx…

I made sure the shields were up before posting

asking for something is weird anyway, especially at fucking 30

so is asking what someone wants. seems a bit “I don’t really want to get you anything but am socially obligated to do so”


Is this a star trek reference for theo and maybe marckee?

Don’t believe that Kent fucks lies!

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or @escutcheon ?

I have never watched Star Trek. For fucks sake japes.


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  • I ask for money from friends and family because I enjoy the pain of others
  • Star Trek reference

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Last couple of weddings I’ve been to have been in Europe and this seems to be the the expected norm here. At the Polish one you were pretty much expected to hand over a fat envelope as you shook hands on the way into the dinner.

live long and perspire

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Everyone would rather receive cash

No one should ask for cash

asking for something is weird anyway, especially at fucking 30


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