Asking staff in supermarkets where things are

Suppose the sort-of payback is when someone asks if you can check if there’s any [whatever] out the back because the shelf is empty. Walk into the warehouse, have a chat with a mate for a couple of minutes and go back to the customer ‘No, sorry we’ve not got any in stock’.


Yeah this is definitely part of it, just assume they’re thinking “fuck offffff”


Used to hate when people asked me stuff when I worked in Waitrose. We had to walk customers to where stuff was, but I worked on drinks, all I knew was drinks, how the fuck am I meant to know where or what your fuckoff strange named produce a Waitrose customer is shopping for when I work on drinks. Debbie McGee knew the coup, though. She’d only ever ask for help reaching high up drinks, something I actually knew how to do.

These days I know enough about supermarkets to not need to ask, although there are occasions when I need to revise for my shop online before I go to the store.

Ocean Spray plays on radio, DrF shudder

“Bloody hell it’s almost enough to put me off my cheese buggering!”

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When I worked in Safeway I enjoyed showing people where things were. It’s nice to help people innit


Got asked where the mustard was when I was walking to the back for my break once, while busting for a shite (obvs), so very politely said “it’s in the mustard aisle” and pointed somewhere.

There’s no mustard aisle.


Get out

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Used to quite like people asking me when I worked in a supermarket. Bit like a quiz, broke up the day.

You’re all miserable bastards


Hi, you must be new here

No my name’s not new here, it’s laelfy


And me!

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You ever get the supervisor coming round and quizzing you about loose fruit? Was like, erm, that’s either a very red gala or a very green braeburn, but since you’ve picked one that’s been too mashed up to tell I can’t say for sure.

Think it might be bed time, pal.

i asked tonight but i asked at the till so it would have been too late. they didn’t sell what i wanted anyway. not sure what i’d have done if they did

I have worked in a shop/supermarket and sometimes say light-hearted annoying things like like ‘oh that one must be free ha ha’ when something won’t scan properly just because you can

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No, they’re suffering enough

Sleep well!


Hated being on the tills. I just wanted to stack shelves in peace ffs, don’t make me have to interact with people.