Glad we’ve stopped pretending that’s a thing.

Is there anything else that has stopped being a thing lately?

Or anything that should stop being a thing?

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Never fully convinced it wasn’t a cover for y’know but I’m not one to kink shame.

Not flagged SSP yet, so I’ll just throw this out there… I can’t think of anything LESS relaxing.

Each to their own and that, love you all x

You don’t know how lucky you are

Think hygge isn’t a thing anymore

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could have put that one to bed very quickly

nebulous concept my fucking arse


everything’s a thing imo
(apart from easter)

I’m into chiropractic asmr at the moment because I can pretend my aches pains and grumbles are being sorted while I relax

28, m, Sheffield



i hate hate hate it

my pal puts kissing ASMRs on at work lunch when nobody can think of anything else to search on youtube

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The Twitch channels for this are… certainly something.