Aspirations Love-In


What tangible things would you love do?

work 20 hours a week and be able to pay the bills
live on my own until I meet the right person to live with
release music and play more shows (i haven’t played in front of an audience in over 2 years and i love the thrill of it)
run a basketball team
move abroad and learn a new language, I reckon Germany would be great
get athletic again


Get paid far too much money for being a professional pedantic twat.


I really want to write for a living, im good at it and have good ideas but my shitty perfectionist tendencies means I haven’t got something im fully proud of yet. Would like to move out of the family home, London is great but I want to live by the sea somewhere, like the nice part of brighton. Also get fit, run a marathon or something and not die




ugh just spotted the typo. close the thread down and erase it from your memory.


Release music
Finish a novel
Get a novel published


Get a dog

Do some sort of exercise that makes my stomach less squishy

Be able to afford going abroad holidays

  • speak another language completely fluently and beautifully
  • be able to be open to everyone in my life about my love life and tell them all about each other
  • write about things honestly without fear (mostly relating to the second point)
  • lots of baby animals


Everything im not doing now really


^ aspires to be the next Hitler


Visit more places - in this country and abroad.
Move to a house, reasonable little garden and get a dog.
Get a motorcycle.

Be a pilot.

I think coughing up £mega to be a commercial pilot is always going to be a bridge too far, but would like to get back doing my PPL - I’ve still got my logbook with 5.5 hours logged from about 12 years ago…


New Brian Blessed

  • find a way to write and record music properly
  • read more
  • get a job that satisfies
  • cats
  • keep on doing drama stuff


Get a dog
Put out a couple more albums
Make a film or two

That’ll do, prof. That’ll do.


actually I also want to write a book about sex and relationships and stuff like that, or maybe just make a really good zine


a dog’ll change your life in a good way, if you have the time, space, and effort. I still miss the dog I grew up with ``:pensive:


Same :sob: need a dog so bad


I also just want a dog really.

More immediately I want to find somewhere convenient and affordable to live.

I would love to get to either the Lisbon derby or Bayern Vs Dortmund in the upcoming season as well.


Quite like to wake up one day without the gnawing sense of emptiness


If you’re looking to get into flying I would recommend paying a visit to a gliding club and going up for a few trial flights. Much much cheaper than going for a PPL. Also super satisfying once you can use thermals/ridges to stay up (it’s really not that hard). I wanted to fulfil a lifelong ambition of being able to fly and was able to go solo in about 6 months of gliding most weekends with one week-long gliding holiday/course thrown in. It’s a very rewarding sport but also very time consuming as you’re expected to spend at least half a day on the airfield helping out with the operations