Aspiring artists



anyone keen to show me their music, i could show you mine if you wanna listen ,really wanna interact with more aspiring artists


hello nashitta, quite a few people on here seem to make music of some kind
this is a thread


I use anti perspirant every morning


thanks !!


Forecast EP

This EP is about the weather and climate change and I made it in my room. It sounds like early radiohead meets lo fi hiphop but there’s a couple of bangers in case you get a little tired.

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Hi Nashita , check our song that we make in our bedroom :smiley:

btw i’m curious too with what you have made, could you give a link to your song ?? :grin:
thanks :wink:


nice vibe, definitely going to look into your music more


shiiit bro chords are amazing, i havent released anything yet but have a bunch of beats saved up for when i start recording music with a proper microphone, keep in touch :))


thank youuu:smile: , okaay dont forget to tell me if you have made something through this post . btw do you have a soundcloud ?


i do but i have nothing up on it yet, do you have instagram ??


no i dont have any personal instagram :persevere:


damnn, that cool i’ll keep in touch through this forum and for sure keep listening to ur music, its dope. Who knows we could work together someday :))


yeaah, can’t wait to make something lit together :smile::smile: