Assembled DiS fans of Brewdog behold:

sorry to ask this and prove my e-ignorance but is this real?

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is this the kind of thing that caused the financial crisis

but with beer not mortgages


I just had it emailed to me and know as much as is written there but yes, I guess it is.

equity for punks


why wouldn’t you just go and gamble your own money instead of giving it to them?

Does their roulette wheel have better odds than one I can find at a local casino?

Don’t you want to be part of something? Something HUGE

^not punk

the odds are certainly more punk

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and the punks are more odd!

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Guys, they set fire to a poster in the video promo for this. A Poster!! I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON


which poster was it? haven’t seen @foppyish for a while hope it wasn’t him


First the Elvis name change thing and now this. Twats.

Here is the poster

Also, What hat is more punk?

  • Flat Cap
  • Beenie

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‘Shake the yawn-inducing financial establishment to its foundations’.


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Can I just say I prefer the Magic Rock High Wire grapefruit IPA to the Brewdog Elvis Juice grapefruit IPA.



Given that you have a less-than-evens chance of winning, and they’re only potentially doubling your share, you’d have to be a pretty fiscally imprudent to go for this.

They emailed the right guy!