Assistant just said twix has too much biscuit


fire her?


No, promote


biscuits just the vehicle for chocolate and caramel or whatever it is they have in there.

Don’t eat mass-produced chocolate bars maaaaaaaaaaaan


Thinly veiled ‘I have an assistant’ thread


I’m in full agreement with her and I think she should retain her positon


and a twix!


Pretty sexist of you coming on here just assuming that your assistant’s a woman imo


I’d hope her employment rights are rigorous enough to protect her from being fired over this.


I read ‘Assistant’ as ‘Assad’

  • you should’ve made a poll
  • it’s the modern way

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imagine choosing a twix and then being fussy about it. it’d be like saps calling his plain omelette ‘uninspiring’.




everyone does, right?


I like a Twix

But I think the biscuit/ choc / caramel ratio is better in the Twix bites and celebrations size twixes


Had a peanut butter Twix the other day. Was in Morrisons. Hadn’t seen them before. Very poor.


I’ve seen loads of Morrison’s.


“la di da i’ve got an assistant I can fire”


Oooohhhh! Very good!


Make tea and do twix straw.