Association Football - 27 November 2022 onwards

Fulham on the telly in the early game!
Eddie_HoweMUCH in the mags dugout for the first time.
Load of stinkers at 3.
xG Derby in the evening kickoff.

Probably a load of abandonments in the lower leagues.

Some good looking games tomorrow.

It’s all here. And it’s live!

Gonna be 0 wins from 13 games. :grimacing:

We’re at Salford with Selim Benachour in charge for us. Could be a massively toxic atmosphere bit sad I’m missing it.

Glad I checked before posting mine :roll_eyes:

Fine, I’m on the train up to Norwich for the Wolves game anyway so let’s do a thread

Early kick off sees Arsenal take on “the richest club the world” in a rare occasion where most people will probably prefer the perennially funny former champions

  • Arsenal
  • Newcastle
  • Draw

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Loads of games tomorrow means today’s 3pm slate is looking a bit shallow but I’m sure we’re all excited to see the new chapter in the #deansmithrevolution

  • Palace
  • Villa
  • Draw

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  • Liverpool
  • Liverpool’s historic feeder team
  • Draw

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  • Canaries
  • Wolves

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The tea time kick off sees an absolute classic as the titans of The Colleagues take on the giants of The Mad Buckets

  • The Colleagues
  • The Mad Buckets

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Across the continent Emery takes on a flailing Barca, FC Köln get in Karneval mode against A German Team and Juve are done for dodgy dealings against plucky underdogs Atalanta

Tomorrow there is officially too much football, including a guaranteed bumdinger in the topspiel

  • Up Da Bees
  • Up Da Toffees
  • Draw

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  • The Burnley Way
  • Lads, It’s Spurs
  • Draw

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  • Crisps
  • Hornets
  • Draw

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  • Citeh
  • Irons
  • Draw

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  • Pensioners
  • Bumted
  • Draw

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Elsewhere some potentially tasty ties between Real Vs Sevilla, Leipzig Vs Levekusen and Napoli Vs Lazio! There’s also some midweek games or some shite.

Watch the football!

Had a very vivid dream last night that Newcastle were 4-0 up at half time and arsenal defenders were fighting eachother :crossed_fingers:

Oops missed a couple draws, ah well, nae draws

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Poor Eddie. :disappointed: Looks an impossible task. The Newcastle squad looks weak as hell, especially in defence. Hope the bags of money is some consolation

Think we’re getting done here.

Really invested in Newcastle going down this season.

Come on you gunners.




who exactly is Martin Odegaard?

Martin Ødegaard (born 17 December 1998) is a Norwegian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Premier League club Arsenal and captains the Norway national team.


He’s very ‘generic Scandinavian exchange student’. Proper Scandinavian haircut.

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Sorry I was asking about Martin Odegaard not Martin Ødegaard

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My mate is the spit of Eddie Howe

Now Ralf Rangnick’s at the wheel, tell me how does it feel


Why it’s the nordic god-Killer himself Ralf Ragnarok

Don’t watch star wars sorry mate