Association Football - 27 November 2022 onwards

Nick Gnarflar

Fulham are winning

this is more of a fjord opera

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What, again?!

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Fjord fiesta

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gonna be a long day

i don’t like steve mcmanaman’s commentary


Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 13.57.44


Save, that.

put ‘antibants’ into google translate, translate it to Russian and play the voice thing for a chuckle btw

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Jonj is having fun.


Ramsdale’s one of those keepers who makes a huge meal out of every save, thus making it look more impressive than it actually is. like those mid-90s serie a keepers with the short sleeves.

That meal is fish and chips, available from 35 owned and franchised outlets throughout the UK and Ireland



Think Wilson is one booking off being suspended. If we don’t have him for Norwich or Burnley, lol, ffs.

There’s his sitter.

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Fucks sake

That goes straight through darlow

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Honestly how does he miss so many of these?

Can we please just play Pepe up front