Assuming no one/no-one/noone is eating avocados anymore then?


you know, for ethical reasons and that

smash the fuck out of this question and put it on some sourdough

Rip off Britain

Wut? I’m on one a day


Too expensive for me really
Also not really worth wading through the gaggle of twats queuing around them having a good avocado squeeze in every shop


i’ve still got a love for those avocado stones though


My wife’s recently bought an avocado slicer.


Can I just say that it is no one.

We do maybe one cado a week. But we’re not Johnny-come-latelys so it’s fine.


I’ve never actually used an avocado in a recipe.

I’ve had it in stuff when I’ve been out or I’ve bought ready made things with it in, but never personally prepared one.


Classic Nooney!


where you sourcing these gems from dude?


Sainsbury’s ready to eat. Get a two pack one a fortnight. Usually use as a pasta sauce.


sorry man. should have made myself clearer. where are your avocados sourced from originally?




What’s the ethical reason? I eat one a day on it’s own. Big fan.


havent bothered reading the article yet. can we not just buy avocados not grown in Mexico?


Have you ever referred to one as an avocado pear?


do your own research, bud. I’m just here to pour scorn on folk, then fuck off


Avocado on egg


What’s the hot gossip about Mexicados then?


something to do with deforestation and drug lords


come on dude! do you get your girlfriend to read the paper for you?