Asterix (RIP Uderzo)

Just 12 hours after chatting about Asterix too :frowning:

So let’s have an Asterix thread. What are your favourite albums? I’m going for

  1. Asterix & the Laurel Wreath
  2. Asterix & the Cauldron
  3. Asterix the Legionary
  4. Asterix the Gladiator
  5. Asterix & the Chieftan’s Shield

had a bunch of comics of this as a kid, loved them so much. Used to read one about them going up some kind of swiss mountain to get a flower to stop some old guy being sick every night


guess there were even more problematic bits than I remember but I absolutely loved Asterix. think I only owned a couple but my village library had quite a few. remember really liking Asterix & Cleopatra and Asterix in Corsica


what a great dog


I think Asterix in Corsica was my fave and Asterix at the Olympic Games.


remember in primary school we had to dress up as our favourite character from a book so i went as obelix

to this day it remains my most successful fancy dress costume


The racial caricatures in the artwork have aged very badly, it’s true


I think I have all the albums that exist (up to Goscinny’s death) and a few that don’t. Everything up to The Secret Weapon, I think, 'cos that was the last one I read as a child. Didn’t own many of them as a kid, but the library had them all. At least half my tickets were taken up by Asterix at any one time


This was my favourite toy. My mum puts him in my bed when I go home at Christmas. I don’t understand the arms… something to do with menhirs? Remember menhirs?


Asterix the Legionary
Asterix at the Olympic Games
Asterix the Gladiator
Asterix and the Big Fight
Asterix and the Golden Sickle

adored the books. love Parc Asterix too, brilliant place. my dad loved them too.

even kept getting the new ones for christmas. owned 90% of them, the rest I got from the library. the only one I’ve never read is Asterix and the Roman Agent.

Top five.

  1. Asterix and the Big Fight
  2. Asterix in Britain
  3. Asterix and Cleopatra
  4. Asterix and the Great Divide
  5. Obelix and Co.
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Read loads of them as a kid. Used to swap them with my cousins as everyone had different ones at home.

My favourite was “Asterix in Switzerland” (Dutch title: " Asterix en de Helvetiërs"), in particular Obelix’ habit of falling in a vat of molten cheese at every opportunity.

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Plus, reading about orgies felt wonderfully transgressive as a primary school kid :slight_smile:


Asterix was my absolute favourite as a nipper. Somewhere out there is a photo of 6-year old me dressed up as him for World Book Day at my first school. Absolutely froze my tits off.

Always wanted to try wild boar.

RIP Albert


Loved A&O, have this book at home, read it over and over and used to get them out from the library. I remember the Britain and Cleopatra ones were my favourites.


still got a bunch of asterix books upstairs, loved them as a kid. maybe i should get into them again, think they shaped my sense of humour massively

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Loved Asterix as a kid, way better than stuffy old Tintin. Also a shout out to the English translators, Anthea Bell & Derek Hockridge, who did such a good job on all the character names and the rest of it. When all this lockdown is over we should have a DiS open air roast boar banquet with a bard tied up and his mouth stuffed in a nearby bush.


Asterix is literally the only comic book type thing I’ve ever really liked, and I love it. Asterix in Belgium was the first that came to mind as a favourite, and the one where they go round collecting all the local food specialities. Love Obelix, have always wanted a go on a roast boar.
Also, would like to see a serious live action adaptation of Asterix, no jokes, Russell Crowe brooding as Obelix, brutal fight scenes…

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I absolutely adored the Asterix in Britain theme song as a kid; I’d rewatch the credits over and over so’s I could listen to it. Still a banger:

Goodness me! One of those singers is Digsy of Oasis song fame. The things Wikipedia knows…