Astonishing Stories

Once I was out hillwalking (it’s nice to keep active). In the car on the way back I discovered that my walking movements had caused my phone to take some photos of the inside of my pocket.

I started deleting them, and it turned out my phone had taken no fewer than 1,142 (ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO) pocket photos, which I had to manually select and delete (there may have been an easier way, but if there was I didn’t know it).

Does anyone else have any Astonishing Stories?

I don’t have any quite as astonishing as that one, no.


Is now a good time to link to the ghost story I wrote about on medium?

No? Ok well basically stayed in a holiday home
In Minehead with mates, my friend said he saw a little girl ghost, we were all like LOL JK and he was like BARE TRUTH FAM and then the old lady who owned the house at the end of the week confirmed the house was haunted with a little girl and we were all like WOAH.


That is staggering!

I know. It got to the point where I started laughing like a maniac while deleting them because I couldn’t believe there were so many.

I’m astonished by the fact you had to delete them one by one.

Well I had to select them all individually, but only hit the delete button once. There were over 1,140 of them though, so that’s still enough for an RSI I would think.

I went to @bugduv’s favourite supermarket, Booths, for the first time yesterday, and the woman at the cheese counter didn’t know what stichelton was. Fucking shitshow

someone told JK that there was a ghost in the place and he was trying to play a trick on you all, but who told him? The actual girl ghost, that’s who.

I’ve got a couple of unbelievable ones, some awe-inspiring ones and one miraculous story but unfortunately nothing astonishing.

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Probably could have done it from a computer and saved yourself the wrist/arse ache.

  • sheer holistic achievement of it

You’re not going to believe this, but a new colleague I spoke to in the kitchen just now can’t quite believe it’s Monday already and is knackered despite getting nine hours sleep!

Astonishing stuff, I think we can all agree.


Kat in the office is cold today (she is generally rather nesh tbh) and is typing with leather gloves on.

Astonishing stuff.

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What is truly astonishing is I was not familiar with the word nesh until this morning when someone told me about it. And now you use it on this thread I’m reading


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What does it mean?

we’ll probably never know

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If someone is nesh they feel the cold more than is normal

It’s what Sean Connery gives as an answer when asked to complete the name of the mythical beast The Loch [blank] Monster