Astral Chain chat

Here it is. A thread to talk about Astral Chain in. And comment on how tragic / cool my t-shirt is.


Out of my 46 switch games, I think this is the first where I have run down the battery and then impatiently waited for it to charge.

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I’ve spent about 2 hours tonight just in training and making my outfit more badass. Cranked the difficulty up to Standard and it’s been a steep learning curve even getting past training.

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game looks right up my street and reckon I’ll get it eventually, but I’m so far down an F1 shaped rabbit hole I’d never get a chance to play it at the moment

t-shirt is definitely cool btw

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Arrggghhh stupid time for it to be released. Had it waiting for me since Friday but I’ve been up to my neck in back to school prep and now term has started so it’s still in its box.

Will finish my second Fire Emblem playthrough tonight and will RELUCTANTLY put it down so I can play this.

Is it wrong that ive been wanting to bolt out of eotr to play this

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Really enjoying this at the moment. Have done two cases so only just started but lappy the dog mascot is now my favourite character. Will be playing this on my commute home this evening.

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The Lappy Dog introduction and tour of the station is quite something. Properly laughed a few times.

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I love how she just walked off camera and then you get control. Really slick and cool directing in this.

Big fan so far (just got my second agro-mon thing), first game I’ve actively wanted to play on my TV vs handheld, not that it looks bad handheld, it just really looks great on TV!

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That first 30mins or so is fucking incredible. Now thats STYLE.

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You know a game has gotten it’s hooks into you when you look up from your train seat and realise you’ve missed your stop by 3 stations.


First 1hr 30mins in be like

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Also those slow mo shots in the first assignment with the monochrome effect are stunning, the direction in this game is outstanding. Really ‘cinematic’ now I want to watch an Astral Chain movie

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Halfway through the fourth file, game just keeps getting better and better.

Yup, File 03 was amazing. Reminded me of the detective bits of Arkham Origins, the epic battles of Bayonetta 2 and the styling of peak Sega games. Standard is making me use health packs a lot more than I ever needed to in Bayonetta and in the heat of battle, I still press the wrong button and don’t think to use many things available to me, but I’m beginning to get the hang of combat and the timing now.

Kinda wish I could remap the controls as muscle memory from other Platinum games makes me forget that R2 and L2 are even there at times.

But so far, so great. Nice to see it topped the UK charts too. Didn’t expect that.

Are you guys flogging all the salvaged items like broken sunglasses, torn bags, etc or are they useful for something I’m missing?

That sort of stuff is never useful in Platinum games and is almost always for selling. Unless this game has a crafting system? Can you wear them?

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Nah I presume you flogged it to upgrade stuff and had been, there’s just a couple of them that seem suspicious, like they might fulfil side quests. Cheers

To be fair I looked at these items since and it just says ‘used for recycling’ so I assume they have no use and you just use it for cash to get upgrades