Astral Chain chat

It’ll click.
I’m no yoot and was struggling at first, but it has gotten more fluid and I feel much more in control.

Just did the 6th chapter and it has ramped up for sure.

Trying not to blast through it too quickly, but could easily crush it tonight if I didn’t have a job and all that shite.

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I just finished it…

And whilst I really enjoyed the first 15hrs a whole lot… the rest is somehow even better and the final 5hrs are incredible! LOVED IT!


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Ace! I’m very excited to hear that.

Are you inclined to go back and S rank, or feel you’ve had your fill?

I think im going to go back with my legion and do the earlier missions and find cats. I’m not into s-ranking but I do want to go back, I will probably do a mission a night or something whilst focusing on something else in my backlog.

But yeah I fucking loved it. Great game. The way Platinum know how to keep on upping the antie in their games is what draws me to them and they nail it here.

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Oh apparently there is another file you can unlock once you beat it. Will get to you tomorrow.

But now I need a breather

I’ve had so much on this week I’ve barely into File 5 but broadly loving it. I haven’t clicked with the controls or combat like I did Bayonetta but I’m starting to get there.

Kinda prefer all the detective stuff and exploring to be honest!

Have two long haul flights this week so if my plane has a charger nearby, should make some decent headway.

Glad you loved it so much

I shoved 8 or so hours into this on my flights this week, finishing the last bit of Chapter 5, doing all of 6 and most of 7.

It is getting utterly tremendous.

It’s mixed things up mission structure wise at just the right time and the gameplay has been really varied. The story in Chapter 6 was really good, which I didn’t expect. Mission 7 has also been one long incredible set piece. Reminded me of the best bits of RE4.

All in all, I have no idea how close to the end I am but it’s easily my GOTY already and creeping into my top 3 Switch games.

They keep on ramping it up until the very end in true platinum fashion

The 7th file in particular is amazing though, thats when the game ascnded from very good to great. And it continues that monentum until the very end

Oh wow. Yeah I’m in the final furlong of that Chapter now and I’d put it up there and possibly above the opening level of Bayonetta 2. It’s simply incredible.

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Just beat a really big monster boss at the end of File 9. It is ramping up wildly.

Still struggling to get into this tbh.

Where are you up to?
Took a few files to click for me, plus turn up the difficulty to PT Standard when you get the option.

File 3, so not far at all. Just not feeling particularly engaged by it, I dunno.

Just pretend your legion are trading cards

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Intense finale right there!
Enjoyed it but can’t see my wanting to go through again anytime soon, so will take 30 quid from CEX and make way for Zelda.
Would buy a sequel without hesitation.

Oh yeah its not much of a game for replay, as a one n done though its super exhilarating

Got this last weekend and played through the first couple of levels (Captain Max has just disappeared).

There’s a lot of nice stuff about the presentation, the atmosphere and everything but like a couple of others in this thread I’m really struggling to get to grips with the combat. Not in a way that’s stopping me progressing, but in a way that makes it seem fairly pointless. I’m playing on standard difficulty and just done the fight against all the other Legions, which I won first time by randomly mashing buttons while having absolutely no idea what in fuck’s name was going on.

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Finished File 06 last night. Enjoying it but have a few of the same complaints others have made above.

Although I sort of know what I’m doing and my grades are getting better, it does just feel like a lot of button bashing at times without much skill. I’ve just powered up my sword legion loads, use him and can figure out how to beat all the bosses. Have only died once even though I don’t think I’m very good…

Still fairly enjoyable though

I think a lot of people are playing this game similar to other spectacle fighters which is the main problem. The combat is designed to be a lil more methodical and less frantic than for example Bayonetta. The idea is to use your legions cooldowns to create oppurtunities and to trigger combos via the visual queues(the shimmer you get) and trying to chain them. Thas what you focus on, elaborate button combos arent a thing in this game, cooldown management is.

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