I’m a double leo. as in my rising sign (?) is also leo.

explains why i’m such a bellend

I suppose you’ve got an excuse:

“Why are you so awful?”
“Sorry, I’m just astrologically terrible, I can’t help it”

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my pals ex was seriously into astrology and she always tried to crowbar it into conversations, oh how we mocked her for it.

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My mother has ridiculous conversations, like tried to convince me jupiter squaring mercury retrograde broke my laptop battery. She’s also really prejudiced against certain starsigns. Like someone will be fine, until she finds out their birthday, then she’s suddenly convinced they’re a bad person. It’s really exhausting to listen to.

haha she sounds like my pals ex.
in the pub one night and I mentioned a particular issue I was having at work and she started banging on about fucking planets aligning were causing these issues…my pal jumped in ‘Lo-Pan, please don’t, let it go’ when he saw I was ready to go off on one :slight_smile:

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Was clearly mercury retrograde though. I mean that guy, when he teams up with Jupiter is powerful enough to melt laptop batteries, so your life is toast against those planets.

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Big, big fan.

Great way to identify thickos.


Which starsign are they?

A really dim one.

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No-one’s voted for cancer or pisces yet, so let’s pin it on them.

(Deffo not a capricorn, they are magnificent in every way, straight from birth)

was gonna start this thread and saw this… what’s with the big capricorn representation here? (all legends btw)

Can’t keep up with all these astrology/star sign/horoscopes threads

I’m a Leo.


soz! :sleepy:

no need to apologise to me, i’m just defending @TheBarbieMovie2023 and @elthamsmateowen’s good content :slight_smile:

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Absolute GBOL repping Taurus, proud to be a part of it.

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All about team Pisces over here m9

I knew I’d done one more recently than 2017

Love astrology more than anything else cause it winds serious rational blokes up