At least it’s Saturday

Morning all, surprised to not see a daily thread to chat into so I’ll start it myself.

Feeling good after a bit of a low one yesterday following my first jab. Had a good long sleep, feeling fine and starting the day trying to finish lay weekend’s crossword with a coffee. Listening to Cymande.

Off to see my girlfriend’s family, doing euro teams themed food so we’ve picked Turkey and are taking some gözleme and salads. Should be nice, hope the sun comes out, will have a few drinks and not be out late so can still enjoy tomorrow.


I felt a tiny bit rough in the night but, other than a bastard of an achy arm, my vaccine seems to be alright. Setting up my new laptop right now, and I hate how Windows set up is increasingly like that bit in a video game where you can choose whether or not you give information that fucks you over in some boss fight later on