At least it's not Monday

:-1:Motivation levels are low.
:-1:Meeting after work

:+1:Important Scotland game to endure later, actually not sure this is a thumbs up
:+1:It is no longer, Monday

Sorry. More positivity later in the week, I promise.

Meeting after work?

That’s not right.


:+1: It’s sunny
:+1: going out for lunch as a work thing
:-1: got a headache
:-1: too much work to do

Half day today :partying_face:

:+1: it’s a lovely day and
:+1: it’s my wedding anniversary!
:-1: but I still have to go to work
:+1: but if I hadn’t had to go to work I wouldn’t have been out early enough to see some lovely misty fields this morning:


:-1: Two classes today; one has been moved back to 2.30 because the person teaching them this morning won’t entertain teaching online and now I’m the bad one for wanting to stay at home.

:-1: I think Wor Lass might have agreed a reciprocal play date tonight which means I need to be vaguely sociable and cook for company.

:+1: No teaching tomorrow so tonight is a little midweek Friday.

:+1: I’m probably making crispy tofu stir fry and noodles which is one of my favourite meals.

It’s a shame you died so close to the bonfire.


Didn’t sleep well. Tired. Irritable. Other dwarves.

Got to do some online learning about risk at work :unamused: :sleeping:

currently on ‘Whats a risk’

its not a boardgame apparently


:+1: Didn’t wake up at 4am like I normally did
:+1: About to go for a little walk to find some coffee beans

:-1: There is very uncomfortable pressure in various parts of me which isn’t very nice
:-1: It’s too warm for a nearly 39 weeks pregnant woman, I think
:-1: I just dropped yogurt all down my top

M back to school :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Back in the office full time :pleading_face::grimacing: running late so had to get the bus, its packed, this is so cursed.

I hate fucking jobs so much.


I dont get this but its a lovely sentence


Get used to it, this is your life now


:+1: nice parcels probs arriving today
:-1: work stress all the way to the top (mostly self inflicted)

:+1: croissant breakfast
:-1: so much washing to do

:+1: lovely weather
:-1: just the 5 (five) meetings today
:+1: might go to the pub later


Probably a mid-00s post-rock album title somewhere along the way.

It’s a reference to the computer game Dark Souls where you leave a little luminous green pile of souls in the place where your character dies.


:+1: lovely weather
:+1: ankle is getting better
:-1: a bit put out by my experience in the shops and bus this morning, was struggling at the door at one time this man was literally standing behind me and waiting :sob: like, literally not one step forward to help a person on crutches out. Also on the bus there was an awkward moment when I got on to find a seat where I saw all the seats were taken and people straight up avoiding eye contact (an able bodied couple were sitting in the accessibility seat) and only when I gave up and stood with my back to the wheelchair rest did the man in the seat with his partner get up. Never had to worry about this sort of thing and I feel so sad for people who have mobility problems and have to deal with things like this daily, just 2 times and I felt bad
:-1: I have so much to do but 0 motivation lol

The Child cried for about 17 minutes of the 20 minute journey to nursery because I explained she couldn’t just take a half day due to both her parents needing to work. She was still in tears when I left her at the gate.

I can understand her frustration but I don’t need that kind of disengagement at the moment.

I need to get up 10 minutes ago :sleeping: