At school did you ever invite someone to yours for tea (dinner)?

  • Yes many times
  • Yes sometimes
  • Yes once
  • Never

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Used to be a regular thing with a couple of friends as our parents coordinated it to tie in with when they were working etc.

And if I was working on a project with someone we’d often go around to the others’ house and stay for dinner.

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Nah, I could barely cook


My house wasn’t great for hosting - smallish garden to play football in, no tvs in bedroom to play PS2, stricter parents etc so I was more often the invitee

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I never did. Used to get invited to others but don’t think I ever said to my mum “can thingy come round ours for tea”. Still used to happen despite this.

Anyway I reckon if you didn’t it means you’re an introvert. The end.

Lived too far away

I wanted to but my parents didn’t let friends come to our house :disappointed_relieved:

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Called a playdate nowadays. This country, eh?

You all had chickin nuggets chips n beans

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Most of my mates lived far away, parents didn’t like most of the ones that lived nearby, basically only Dave used to come over

Fuckin love Dave

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I don’t think so. Didn’t live in town and friends coming round was a source of anxiety.

People would stay on weekends and I’d stay at friends on weekends but not an after school thing dinner thing

Yeah I remember me and my mate pissing ourselves at my dad having a book called B.Monkey

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Nah, cottage pie or lasagna normally.

Yeah, loads of times. One of my friends came round so often he had his own bottle of hot sauce in our cupboard because he put it on everything. He asked me to be his best man yesterday.


I didn’t like beans so I had hoops

Sausages or fish fingers rather than nuggets iirc. Probably that three colour ice cream for pud.

Almost. I think I had two, both at McDonald’s.

Went round to mates and his mum asked if I like “pie”.

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