At school did you ever invite someone to yours for tea (dinner)?

Used to go to my mate Tom’s a lot. His mum was a really bad cook but they owned a caravan park so they had a games room and a football pitch. Worth it.

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When I went over to my mates houses we’d have stuff like sausages, chips and beans for tea. When my friends came over we’d still have stew or swordfish or whatever. Once my little sister had a friend over and begged Mum for some ‘normal’ food. Mum declared that she had a pizza in the freezer! Would you like that? Yes please! said Babe. It turned out to be a fucking PEAR and GOATS CHEESE PIZZA.

What did your parents serve your friends?

  • Sausages, chips and beans/pizza /fish fingers
  • Casserole and other boring grown up food

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I love ‘pie’

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I went round rachel’s all the time

Remember once, my mum got Canadian steaklets in.

Went on a bus to school, primary and secondary so was difficult after school. Went straight to childminder after school bus from primary too which ruled it out.

Had friends over at weekend etc, far as I’m aware we never had oven chips as we never had them anyway. My dad probably made a curry and then we’d eat ice cream.

did other kid’s parents like you?

  • yes! they loved me and wished their own child was more like me
  • no! I was a ‘bad influence’ they hated me
  • some liked me, some didn’t
  • none of them were aware of my existence / could tell you my name

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Yes. Mum was also a registered childminder so we always had a few other kids round for tea time.

I wasn’t a bad influence but I was a nightmare around others houses because autism + a shed load of unfamiliar stuff often = massive meltdown and having to be taken home early.

I have decided I no longer give a shit.

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Neither parents cooked really. Both a bit odd (though not a problem in my teens could genuinely scare mates when I was younger), so just avoided inviting people altogether.

I used to be terrified of the idea of having friends over for tea. Nah huh, not happening.

Once, when I was, maybe 6, i was invited to a girl from school’s house and was there for about 30 minutes before i cried so much my dad had to come amd get me. Must have been so embarrassing for everyone.

Been pondering for a wee while about this now, and I really can’t think of a “pie” I don’t like.

“maybe 6”

28 years old you were…


I mean, if people still invited me to things by that age, I’m sure it would have been the case.

Not when I was a kid, but just after I left school everyone went to uni except me (year out) and my mate (dropped out after a week) so we used to hang out a lot and his mum used to hate me cause she thought I used to encourage him to stay in the pub or get stoned and not go home for dinner etc. She’s now my colleague at work and sometimes I mention it for the lols and she gets all awkward.

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You’re so adorable :hugs::kissing_closed_eyes:

Steak n kidney / steak n oyster🤮
But in general pies are the best.

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is steak & oyster a thing?