At the risk of having the piss ripped... charity single


Our new single comes out on 2 December. We decided that since there’s no point trying to make money from music anyway, we’d give any we did make from the single to charity.

The charity in question is Young Minds, which supports young people who are experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties. They do incredible work, and we like 'em.

So yeah. Sorry to self-promote, but we’d really like it if maybe a few of you could spare a couple of quid for a good cause.

Link here.

And video here: The Disappointment Choir - Winter Hill (official music video) - YouTube

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Oh, and thanks. I forgot to say thanks. :slight_smile:

not really my bag but niceIy put together and a good cause. wish u the best for it! :slight_smile:

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Bought it, Young Minds is a great charity.

Not sure how the rest of the forum feels but self-promotion is fine so long as you’re upfront about it and don’t kick off if anyone dislikes the music!


Thanks both! And thanks v much Otto for the purchase!

Totally agree about getting butthurt when people don’t like the music. No sense in it. I guess it depends on how the criticism is phrased - obvious trolling is pretty annoying but I’m well aware we’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. :slight_smile:

But yeah, I wouldn’t normally promote on a forum except this time around is slightly different cos charity. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

I reckon if you contribute to the board in any other way people are always fine with it