At this stage, it is what it is.


Said this today in a meeting, hated myself immediately. Still feel a bit grotty.


think its actually a very good phrase


it is what it is


We’re going to have to go our separate ways on this one, Juke my man.


but how can we move this forward




And what it is, needs no excuses


If it helps I was in a meeting yesterday in which someone used the sentence “perfect practice makes perfect” in earnest.


Just realised it’s what Popeye would say in a meeting.

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the fuck?

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imagine if he advertised for a catfood brand

Iams what Iams

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Good opportunity to bust out this outright banger tbh tbf…


It’s one of those things that I bet sounded really impressive in his head.

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A CGI Popeye/Gloria Gaynor duet. Why did they never think of it?

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Did he ever finish the sentence?


like just throwing in “wedded to” and “agile” lots at the moment and “death by committee”, “lumbering” as well as laughing at Marketing at all opportunities


Failing to plan is planning to fail, that’s what I think.

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I probably use the phrase ‘it is what it is’ about 5 times a day

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at the end of the day, when it comes down to it, and all’s said and done, you know what i mean?


is it what is it

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