At what point did the humble cat go from being something that catches mice and sits on your lap from time to time

…to some sort of badge of honour?

‘ooooh, look at my cat next to that pot of onken’

‘here is another 17 pictures of Roger next to a pile of freshly buffed cutlery’

I’d say sometime between June and November 2011.


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I’m not even on catbook

You what?

Normal chain of events is: person who posts endlessly on social media -> gets cat or dog -> posts endlessly about said cat or dog

Which is actually way more entertaining than their usual crap so we should all be greatful

it’s the social media game innit

put up a selfie or picture of a tree and get two likes, picture of a cat or dog = 40 RTs 60 favs

you know what, man. no games before 11AM please

Owning a cat has always been a badge of honour, surely?

Cat owner = more likely to be a leftie into cool relaxing stuff.
Dog owner = more likely to be a Tory into football bollocks.



Kittens/cats were a thing on the internet long before 2011.

Maybe when B3ta become well-known?

Dope tree

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I think it was during the Egyptian times


So far, @japes’s theory isn’t holding water.

because they thought they were funny

you’re greatest moment. consider me yielded like a motherfucker

depends on the cat

The very idea of cats is funny.

Ken Dodd: What a great day, what a great day. What a great day for painting your moggy green and saying “How’s that for a walking lettuce?”

The joke doesn’t work if you substitute ‘dog’.