At what point in the day do you first check DIS?

I check just when I’ve got into work, before emails or anything else, after twitter though sometimes.

While I’m drying my hair. Gotta make sure everyone’s behaving early.

As soon as I wake up right after facebook

do you wash (your hair) everyday?


Sometimes TWICE :open_mouth:

Once i get on the bus, whenever i get bored at work (a lot)

After sitting down at work and clearing out my inbox (I very rarely ever get any pertinent emails).

fire up email client (but don’t check it)
then check strava, then twitter, then scan DiS, then scan news headlines, then read DiS
then check emails
then think about doing some work but really just go back on DiS

FAO everyone, don’t be put off, you only need to tell us when you first check DIS. Eric is just exceeding the standard required (and he should be commended for it).

sometimes before leaving the house, almost always before looking at my inbox

Certainly at work, sometimes before on the phone, since it works on phones now.

after i have gotten out of bed and put the kettle on to get some coffee on the go i check the following in order:

Work emails
Any text/whatsaapp etc messages that might have come through the night

wake up
check the news, my e-mails, twitter, my DiS notifcations
then have breakfast and a cup of tea
then browse the ‘latest’ page if i’ve got the time

sometimes i don’t have my breakfast that early though so sometimes before breakfast

TV gets up and goes at 8ish, so usually roll over and check BBC Sport, then DiS on the mobile.

Quick look and chat about 10ish after I’ve got up, walked dog, etc. Then into work for 11. Probably the site I spend most my time on, makes me wish I wasn’t such a twat sometimes :laughing:

Actually, the bog is Twitter time.

I’m not even on DiS.



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