At what point in the morning do you brush your teeth?

  • before tea/coffee/breakfast
  • after breakfast etc
  • don’t have breakfast, so whenever
  • don’t have teeth
  • other (please specify)

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please contribute

Before leaving the house (after breakfast)


Before getting in the shower and before breakfast

Not my first choice of timing but coffee softening enamel etc etc

same. be weird to clean your teeth then have some porridge or whatever

Based on what we do know, however, it makes more sense to brush before eating. That way, plaque is removed before ingesting sugars, and if acidic foods and beverages are ingested, we avoid compounding the erosion with toothpaste abrasion.

Despite this, I do it after.

Last thing before leaving the house. Don’t eat breakfast at home.

Yeah, gonna drink orange juice after brushing are you? I think not!!!

I hate doing this because too much food comes out with the spit and it grosses me out

my dentist recommended drinking abrasive shit like coffee and OJ through a straw. what a dick

Depends on the day tbf.

Don’t really have breakfast or much of anything before I leave the house in the week, so it’s the first thing I do.

Often at weekends I’ll do it first thing, then be fine by the time I’ve actually fed the cat, made coffee etc to not taste weird. Then once I’m done with coffee I normally brush my teeth again.

At work I normally do mouthwash either mid morning or after lunch.

Wasn’t meant as a reply to you, was meant for the OP not sure how that happened.

In the shower ffs

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  • Electric toothbrush
  • Analogue toothbrusher (much warmer)
  • Other (make my own from corn husks)

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Analogue in the morning, electric in the evening.

leccy in the morning, manual in the evening

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dental accessories?

  • floss
  • floss sticks
  • tepe’s
  • dunno
  • not sure
  • those waterpik things
  • hmm

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How often do you brush

  • Once per day
  • Twice per day
  • 3 times per day
  • Why must you turn my office into a house of lies

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Probs averages out around once a day in the evening. Still a twice a day person for a lot of the time though - not really strict about it.