At what point when running a bath do you get into the bath? another winter thread



tend to get into it about a quarter full. makes sense to top it up around you, doesn’t it

sorry if you don’t have a bath. my friend has a small flat and no bath, so I let him use mine from time to time

yep, I’m that guy


God I miss baths.

Absolutely with you on the tekkers there though mate. Probably say around a third for me though.


no longer have a bath :frowning:
but i always got in once i had it filled


everybody to @bird’s house for a bath

usually about 3/4 full i’d say


I fill it till it just covers my body. Cant waist water. Maybe top it up if it’s cold (although I use a little electric heater to warm up the room 5 mins or so before using)


I usually let it fill before I get in, or get in pretty late on in the process.

Sitting in the bath while it fills around you sounds like lunacy to me.

Stick a couple of candles on. Occasionally treat myself to a bath bomb.

Sometimes take a beer or, if its especially wintry, a cup of tea in as well.


I like a VERY hot bath, but cannot just get into a VERY hot bath. easy


Yep I get a beer and put on a spacemen 3 album on and just relax. Perfect.


I leave it to fill up, grab my music, drink etc it usually takes a while.


I know a guy who gets into the bath and THEN turns the taps on.


Could go for a bath right now


I have a bath but probably only used it a couple of times in 5 years.

I always filled the bath before I got in.


don’t find baths relaxing

I think it’s the fact that they’re supposed to be relaxing makes them un-relaxing

It wasn’t always this way


Doesn’t that get the floor wet?


Don’t remember the last time I had a bath. Defo filled it up first mind you, I’m not daft


I bet that’s Kev.


Haha, it’s not, but that’s the sort of thing he would do.


I always stop 90 litres short