At what time of the day do you ordinarily have the following meals?

breakfast (weekday) (weekend)
lunch (weekday) (weekend)
tea (weekday) (weekend)

B - week 7am weekend 10am
L - week 1pm weekend 2pm
T - week 7pm weekend 9pm

answers like ‘depends’ will not be tolerated

Breakfast 8am/10am

Lunch 11.30/1pm

Dinner 7ish/7ish

B - week n/a weekend 7am
L - week 1.30pm weekend 12pm
T - week 8.30pm weekend 8.30pm

Weekdays - No breakfast. Lunch 12:30pm. Tea 7pm.

Weekends - Constant grazing.

no strict mealtimes apart from breakfast: 7-7.30ish on weekdays and about 15 minutes after waking up on the weekend

B week 7am, w/ed 8am
L week 12.30, w/ed about 1
T week between 5.30 and 7.30 (according to when I get home and what I am cooking/where the kids are going etc.), weekend 6.30

B - week 0930hrs weekend 1000hrs
L - week 1400hrs weekend usually don’t have one
T - week 1900hrs weekend varies but somewhere around 1930hrs

breakfast – / 10 AM
lunch 12:30 PM / –
dinner 7 PM / 8 PM

BLT’s are so varied. They can be soooooo good, but if the bread is shit, the lettuce lank, the tomato soggy or the bacon chewy it’s all ruined.

One thing I have to say American’s do much better, BLT’s and club sandwiches.

breakfast (8.45am) (n/a)
lunch (12pm) (c.11am)
tea (7.30pm) (Median = 8pm)

this is one of the lamest attempts at a ‘joke’ I’ve ever witnessed on these boards! keep it up, bud


b 9:30
l 2:00
d 7:30

weekend brunch between 11 and 3 then dinner whenever

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Breakfast - None
Lunch - 2ish (try to go as late as possible so the post lunch period is shorter)
Dinner - 8:30 / 9pm

Breakfast - Still generally none, but if I have anything (coffee) it’ll be as soon as I get up, or if I’m going out for brunch (9 am or c. 11am)
Lunch - 1ish, If I have anything. Normally don’t eat all day until dinner time on weekends, and snack around 3 if I’m hungry.
Dinner - Depends how hungry I am and if I’m out for dinner. Anywhere between 7:30 and 10pm.

I guess we aren’t counting your account then?

shameless attempt at some sly likes! you’ve changed man

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All said with a safetywink my friend. Just enjoying some tennis with you. x

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B - week 9am weekend 11am
L - week 1:30pm weekend 2:30pm
T - week 7pm weekend 8pm

B - week 7am weekend - whenever, often a brunch
L* - week 12.30pm weekend - similar i.e. D
- week 6.30pm weekend - 7-8pm *i.e. T

B - week N/A weekend 10am
L - week 1.30pm weekend 2pm
T - week 8pm weekend 8pm