At work

If you’re going to the toilet and realise that a colleague just in front of you is also walking to the toilet, do you:

  • go to the toilet they’re heading to, why the hell wouldn’t I?
  • change route and go to a different toilet

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You guys are so weird about shitting. First pub loos and now work loos. Just get over it.


not JUST shitting. Pissing also.

There are gents loos on all of the odd numbered floors here - 1, 3, 5 - so if I open the door and find that one of the traps is in use I will always go to one of the others. Shitting should be a solitary pursuit imo

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Yes, I am ready to die on this hill.


(actually, mostly just shitting. There isn’t a urinal at my work bogs)

Fixed that ftfy for you

only have one set of toilets on each floor and aren’t meant to go to other floors (i still do because i am a rebel) so don’t really have a choice.

half the toilets are usually broken, and people use them to make phone calls because they can’t use their phones in the office. it’s great.

I challenge them to a urinary sword fight.

fucking hell. really??

even if they’re shitting?

I won’t go to a toilet if someone I know is in there.

It’s weird but I’m weird but also it’s weird!

have no problem with friends/family being there, but for some reason, work colleagues are a bridge too far.

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To expand: I really don’t want to be sitting down and hearing (and smelling) someone having a dump a couple of feet away from me. It is undignified and unpleasant

Double decker shit. Moon walk in, sit on their lap and shit between their thighs.


depends. If I’m going for a piss, yeah sure no problem. If I’m going for a dump and the person goes into one of the traps (there are only 2), no way am I following him in to the one next to them. I’ll go downstairs to the other toilets or just hold on for 10 mins.

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You guys are all so repressed.



although we rent out two floors of the building, the top floor is for one specific project and the bottom floor is for another one, so you’re not supposed to mix between the two and most people physically can’t move between floors as you need your ID card to get in and out and they’re only active on one floor.

we’ve recently moved one team from the top floor to the bottom floor (in their own secure room of course) - they’ve been told they’re not allowed to use the bottom floor’s toilets and have to go upstairs and use those. same if they want to use the kitchen. it’s ridiculous.

Do apples shit?


I don’t even pee at work unless it’s an actual emergency. I’m like a camel and only pee first thing in the morning and last thing at night though, and I think I’ve only ever needed a work shit if I’ve had a tummy bug.

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