At your local chippy

Do they ask if you want salt and vinegar or expect you to put it on yourself

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They ask. It’s kept behind the counter, I’m not just gonna lean over and help myself am I.


Don’t think I’ve ever been to one where you help yourself.


I actually am not sure which our local one is. Thanks for the reminder to seek it out.

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They always ask. The answer is always yes. None avaliable to put on for yourself either.


Trigger warning: I frequently ask for vinegar only.

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One in Castleford doesnt ask and just leaves the bottles on the side

  • Get s&v put on at the chippy
  • Do it at home
  • Both

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They ask.

Have only seen one place where you do it yourself and it’s unnecessary faff.

That is shocking. Salt only i can deal with, but vinegar only?

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I walked past a few weeks ago and saw it was £3 for a chip barm, so I’ll never know.

My localest chippy has a guy that keeps trying to break the world record for wrapping chips
It does negatively effect the salt and vinegar application I am appalled to say


Can’t get my head around this. So they serve the chips up and wrap them up and just ask you…nothing?

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Thats exactly what happened


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They add it then they give it a wee little shake to disperse it.

  • Both
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Neither

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Have been to chippys with both options but our regular place asks and doesn’t let you touch the special condiments

Always put it on at home myself. Cos i know how much i want.

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i don’t have the training so i leave it to the professionals