Athlete - Vehicles and Animals

Can’t believe it is 14 years old. It was a great album. Great tunes.
Not the most fashionable band. But really puts a smile on your face.

Shit, shit band



You’ve got the style , westside and El Salvador are great tunes.
Athlete were very much of that time though along with Hard-Fi, Guillemots, Keane, The Feeling just to name a few.

you’ve just listed a load of shite, quite different sounding bands there (The first Guillemots album is still dece though)

Wires makes me properly well up, I’m not ashamed to say.

Isn’t the singer guy like a pop songwriter now?

Hated the band hated his voice most

Holy shit I hated this band.


Remember going to asda in atafford once and they played wires on repeat the whole time i was in there. A bleak time in my life…

Imagine being so joyless that you don’t like listening to wires by athlete on repeat in ASDA (am I doing this right?)


I agree the aforementioned were shit bands I should have included Kaiser chiefs on that list too.
I still like athletes debut album though. Don’t hold that against me. It’s a guilty pleasure.

Liked Vehicles and Animals a lot at the time. Second one was utter shit and I’m guessing subsequent albums have followed that trajectory.

I still listen to Athlete. Liked the second album a lot too, and the third had a few good songs. I didn’t exactly dislike the fourth, but it didn’t connect like any of the others.