👟 I bought some New Balance 420s in the Office sale today 👟

  • Nice one! I know you’ve been after a decent pair of black trainers for a while Jeremys_Iron
  • You Trump-supporting, capitalist fuckpig, how fucking could you?!

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yeah, I still wear my NBs, feeling slightly less comfy now.

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They were 35 jib man, I’m a sucker for a bargain.

Can’t see this on HUKD

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I know you’re being snide but HERE:


How dare you! I’m never snide and I only searched New Balance.

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someone’s feet gon’ get nicely toasted.

Good job I picked up a pair of these as well then

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Anglin wrote on his popular website the Daily Stormer, which promotes an anti-Semitic, white supremacist agenda. “It’s time to get on-board with New Balance now. Their brave act has just made them the official brand of the Trump Revolution.”

[‘Get some of them to kill themselves’: Popular neo-Nazi site urges readers to troll liberals into suicide]

He tells his readers New Balance is now their “uniform” and claims they should view the company’s statement on Trump — taken out of context — as “a gesture to support White people and to support US manufacturing.” He also wrote that he believed it was all a marketing scheme to gain customers who voted for Trump.

#“This will be fantastic,” Anglin wrote. “We will be able to recognize one another by our sportswear.”

This was kind of the point of the thread emo.

see you just talked about being a Trump supporting capitalist. Not the fact that it’s actively endorsed nazi uniform.

I really hope I don’t turn into a Nazi when they adorn my feet.

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me too.

That said I’d be more worried about Nazi’s giving me knowing nods etc. Sounds like the premise for an episode of Curb


New Balance employs hundreds of people in one of the most rural areas of the UK.

Whatever you think of Trump, NB is a fantastic company and their sneaks are mint.

I’ll try to avoid whistling any Wagner when wearing them. ‘You wanna see my penis?’

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I remember hearing about this when Rhianna started endorsing them. Did she pull them back form the brink?

I dunno mate I’ve been wearing them for years, the factory shop sells seconds dirt cheap.

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I appreciate you signing up for DiS just to post in this thread Dad.

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Wearing New Balance trainers sends out completely the wrong message. I want people to know i’m doing alright for myself. They’re one step up from Sketchers.