as per the morning thread, I just bought myself these.


My current sneaks are these and oh my word have I loved them
I could buy them in every colour but thats a bit boring

I wanted them in Pink but I missed the boat

Other trainer anecdote:
My boyfriends brother has over 300 pairs of trainers, still in their boxes in a storage locker. I asked if we could do a blog about it where he wore a new pair every day for a year and he said “nah”
He has the same pair two or three times as he buys one to wear and one for the box.

What you wearing/crushing?


The same trainers I’ve had for about five years.

Blue and orange Onitsuka Tiger Dualios, a bit like this, but not quite:

I could probably do with a new pair, actually, the soles are wearing through.

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I have these. They are supremely comfortable.

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I don’t own any
I really need new shoes

I own no trainers! Please send my indie points in the post.

I’m currently wearing these:

They have replaced these which are now relegated to secondary shoe status:

These are my running trainers:

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I am a Vans fan as everyone here knows.

Currently got these in the red pictured, and also grey:

I am sad that I missed the pizza slip-on Vans:

One of my fave pairs of trainers I have:


Haven’t bought any new’uns for ages so still rotating between these 2 when I’m not wearing desert boots:

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For the gym I wear these -

mine are a bit like this but with less stitching all over the place

Unless do these count as trainers?

What do you wear?!

Do you have special climbing shoes?

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YES I am well into grey trainers so I like the second pair

These are my running trainers

ignore that pic



I also have these running shoes (Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17):

These hockey boots:

Plus a pair of Merrell walking trainers, but I can’t remember the name.

have these

He won’t sell them! Or wear them. I’m like wtf.

See I do like Vans but I feel to flat footed flippy floppy in them?
and also my toe seems to tear a hole in the front after a short period of time. And yes I do cut my toenails

They’re probably worth tens of thousands box fresh though.