Think I’ve decided that Adidas Forum Lows are just going to be my trainer of choice from now on. Just have everything I need in a shoe. Comfy, surprisingly durable, not a silly price, not too flashy but not too dull either. Just a solid trainer. Asked for more for Christmas.


Quite nice, these. May have to pick up a pair. Would be my forth pair of SB Dunks since March, though… :grimacing:


They are really inexpensive over here, $50-60.

Phew those are :hotsprings:

Edit to ask if you know the model name/colorway for research purposes.

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Nike Dunk Low SB wheat/flax

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It’s mad how well so many of Nike’s 90s models aged. Looked great then, still look great now.

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They are delicious


I don’t normally go for grey, but these are lovely + half-price. not in the market for new shoes, but nice


beautiful. think they’re overpriced, though

Yeah, your never gonna get any SB Dunks for under a ton. These still look to be available at retails at a few skate shops, so am hoping i’ll still be in luck come pay day.

Finally managed to bag my first pair of Jordan’s. Finally picked up some of these…

Think someone else on here has a pair, remember seeing someone else post a pic of them a while back. May pick up some pink laces and do a lace swap.


I’ve got the white laces on mine

They come with just the black and white laces, right?


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I’ve got some too. They’re so nice. My wife even got a pair as well because she was jealous.

Well, I should have them in my hands already. Instead, they got stolen from outside my house (left in a very not secure place in full view of the road for hours) and no one is taking responsibility. GOAT (wont be using them again) and DHL taking no responsibility because it’s marked as delivered. So i’m out 135 quid and have no trainers.

Fucking annoying.

proper shitty that

" Who is responsible if a package is stolen? The retailer is responsible for delivering a parcel safely to you. If it’s stolen, you should contact them to arrange a refund or replacement . But if you told the courier to leave your parcel in a safe place, then you’re responsible for it going missing or being stolen."

Basically if you said - my safe place is next to the bin or whatever and its stolen then tough - if not then retailer HAS to sort


Where did you get this from? Gonna use that

the internet in general but citizens advice would be a safer place to quote (the business should know this!)

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The consumer rights act also favours you

Consumer Rights Act 2015.

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