i think i hate every pair of trainers posted here

itโ€™s definitely me though, i dislike almost every kind of shoe


Yeh I think itโ€™s me too in most cases

Some are just bad though and the choice of the local chav kids round here



By conservative, I assume you mean massively Tory?


Yeezy boosts

  • Would buy/ wear them if I could justify the cost
  • Wrap a giant dildo around a sock for the same experience

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The lads are back together!

The missing one had somehow ended up in the loft.


Ghosts. Only reasonable explanation


Got a couple of pairs of new asics.


really want some waterproof/rainproof trainers now the weather is turning, just for day in day out use. Adidas Originals had some decent GTX trainers but this year they arenโ€™t so good (just gazelles I think). Anyone spotted anything?






Whoops. I might have just bought these. They were as good as half price, and I havenโ€™t owned any Puma Suede in years



I just worked it out, and itโ€™s seven years since I last bought a pair of Puma Suedes, but I loved them. I wish they still did colourways like this:


scrolls down
Available sizes: 7 and 12.



There were definitely size nines there last night, because I bagged a pair.


Mirin my bottom half game today lads


Mine need a blast in the washing machine


Got these yesterday. Size 10, โ‚ฌ58, not too bad work there.


I rip through NB 410s until they fall apart

then buy whatever colour is cheapest / available. I walk a hell of a lot, they always wear down at the back in a single spot on either side right through for some reason.


textbook :smirk: