Bought another pair of Blazers this week.


this is now the nike thread


Got my red pair of these on at work today bebeh


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My rotation. Just a couple :grin: Still got 10 pairs still in their boxes too.


The only word for those is ‘fresh’. :heart_eyes:

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Two pairs of Cons, and new running shoes. Let’s hope I never get invited to any weddings or funerals as that’s all I own. I hate shoes. Oh, I’ve got some walking boots at my partners gaff.


Omg need

I like those runners, would wear

I also have some pink Cons - lighter pink, hi-tops - but I rarely wear them because I only want to wear comfy shoes now

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stopped wearing old skools like 10 years ago for some reason. miss them, so ordered myself a pair

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Anyone any experience with Veja trainers?

I like these but I definitely don’t need new boots this year.

No. Seems like every parent in SW London has a pair. All made from sustainable materials, right? I like the design of them - I’d like to try a pair on. There is something about trainers by non-sportswear brands that I’ve never liked though - maybe what puts me off.

Yes! I have an old pair of the mesh V12s that are still by far my most comfortable shoes.

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The Nike Pegasus sitting on the box are the most recent purchase. Not going to be wearing those out and about. First pair of Nikes I’ve bought in ages but needed a running shoe and these seemed a reasonable choice.

I like the Veja’s I’ve got. They’re pretty ubiquitous around here but good Stan Smith alternative.

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tbh I love the look of the Pegasus, I’ve got a pair that I mainly bought because they’re waterproof (Gore-Tex collab ha) and I mainly got them for general wear. I’ve run in them a few times, but they’re mostly for when I have to take the dogs out to the park in the rain.


Similar thinking in terms of them being waterproof. Looking to get off the sidewalk/paths and go on a few more cross country runs and these seemed ideal.

Are there any trainers (other than Reebok) that give you a decent lift at the heels? I get really bad shin splints with the more flat types :sob:

Just got these though - Adidas had an even nicer holo pair but I could tell they wouldn’t be as comfy as these:

https://www.reebok.co.uk/reebok-royal-glide-ripple-clip-shoes/FY5966.html vs https://www.adidas.co.uk/superstar-shoes/FX7565.html

Anyone know of any decent sales at the mo?

Need to replace my Vans as they’re on the way out, and it turns out I never need ‘work shoes’ again. Sweet.