Pretty sure my wife bought them direct from Vega and there were no additional costs

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“My wife” is it, I see your game


Yes hippy we got married and I became a husband and by law she a wife…it’s a funny old world isn’t it X

Who are the shoes really for sticky! Who are they really for!

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Shush! Definitely not for me. :rofl:

The Nike Dunk Low “Kentucky” and “Syracuse” Are Returning Soon | The Sole Supplier

Restock coming next week. Very tempted by the Syracuse pair.

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I need new shoes. I usually get New Balance as I normally find them the most comfortable but I don’t really like this “big” style they’re going for now.

So now I’m looking at Adidas and maybe Puma. I’m not really fussy but I favour what I’d class as a sort of skater shoe style, really don’t like these big oversized spaceship looking shoes that seem to be all over the place now, and my number one most important thing would be a comfortable sole.

I’m looking at Adidas Retropy, Campus and Gazelles mostly. Retropy look like they’d have the best soles. Anybody any experience with them? I assume the Gazelles are very popular but their soles look very flat and thin. Maybe a good insole can provide the cushioning I need. Any recommendations for these too?

How good are Puma shoes? Worth a look?

I’ve a £20 asos voucher so I suppose I’m probably buying from there

Never had a pair of Gazelles but love my Spezials.

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Can never go wrong with a pair of Puma Suede Classics…



I have two pair of the Retropy E5, but there’s another one called the F2 and yet another called the F90 (which looks more like an oversized spaceship shoe, so probably not that one).

They keep releasing new colors of the Retropy E5 and I’ve having a hard time controlling myself. I bought light gray ones summer 2021 and loved them but found the texture on the insole took some time to get used to. Then I realized I was wearing them a lot. Spotted some black ones this summer and had to have them. Just spotted some brown ones at a shop last weekend and wish I could have them too. I’d probably have 6 different ones if I had the space and could justify the expense.

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The F2s are the ones I like best I think. Will probably go for them.

Bought these




That SneakerDeals twitter is definitely a bad influence. Just bought:




wanting to get back into skating again. needed some new shoes, found some of these on offer. should probs have gotten something dark and cheaper, but yeah :heart_eyes:

don’t like really flat skate shoes or chunky ones. these look spot on


i’m a nike fan but these are class :clap:t3:

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Nike x Undercover gore-tex AF1s.


Nice, but surely gore-tex is all about going out in inclement weather, and all white trainers are all about staying box fresh?


That’s why Sneaky Wipes are essential