Oh my! I’ll be moving heaven and earth to get them haha

Love the wee gold :facepunch:

Reckon the right will have the gun on


They do:


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…to enter a raffle and not win?

(I’ll have a crack regardless)

I’ll bite the bullet and hit the resale shops if needs be

Dad gave me have an un-used 15 to 20 year old pair of Dr Martens Chelsea workwear boots like these…

Is there a product or tip for narrowing/scrunching the top? They were obviously made in a time where bootcut jeans were more prevalent and my slim/average ones can’t fit over and keep riding up.

Nearly everyone who has boots has this problem unfortunately. Just a case of either rolling your trousers up so they’re not hitting the top, or committing to a tuck.

Cheers pal. Never been brave enough to get a pair myself as I fear that issue and thus wasting £150+. Think they might be manufactured a bit tighter these days as mine are hilariously ott.

youve got to roll the trousers and just accept that people will assume youre bi


I hope the RTJ Dunk Low SB’s have alternative laces too. Some pink laces to go with the pink swoosh? Oh my.

Just buy whatever laces you want, i’ve just ordered some silver and gold ones for my jordans for christmas wear

Yeah, been doing this more recently. Put some orange laces on my blue and white Forum Low’s and now look :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Got gold ones for these

And silver ones for these


This place is good for replacement laces - have often bought laces for trainers and they’ve been way too long or short…

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these are too beautiful to wear imo, would get ruined so quick

Oh, yeah. An absolutely stupid thing to buy really.


Went with the black/white variant in the end. Not exactly sure what changed my mind but probably instinctively knew I’d destroy the white in a couple months


Popped up the road in these to buy croissants for breakfast yesterday and a random man passing by said “Nice trainers, mate”. Sounded sincere so I’ll take it.