Deffo needs to work with other clothes, but bright yellow socks and dark blue jeans seem to do the job. Although I do have my eyes out for a purple jumper - if I could find that…

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See you in the jumpers thread.

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They are nice. These are my equivalent. Autumnal colour scheme, that you can only really wear in the most summery of winter conditions. Love them though.



a friend of mine had some like these on today, very nice

Like these, but not sure black/grey with no white is particularly versatile when it comes to pairing trainers with trousers

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The colours aren’t miles away from the Gazelle Indoors I had years ago. The orange definitely works with blue jeans, and I’m sure there are other trouser colours that would work.


Personally, nay, but that’s only because I don’t like black trainers. They look decent though, so you should crack on tbh

Struggling with the concept of trousers having to match the colour of your footwear.


just picked up these mad looking shoes for £45 from asos, mostly because i don’t really have any good ‘winter’ trainers, and the soles look ideal for shit weather (plus they are ‘water resistant’ allegedly)


Been really tempted by those Adidas Woodwoods people have been posting in here, struggling to find ones in my size as a decent price though, then stumbled across these and think I might like them even more?


I’ve got these and also in this colourway.


You rate them then?

Aye they’re pretty comfortable and have worn pretty well in the few months I’ve had them.

I think if you’re buying direct from Adidas you get a discount if you sign up to their newsletter too.

Anything can be worn together and look good, tbh. There’s trying to match things and letting things match. Just what you feel comfortable in, ateotd.

This colourway is really nice. Was tempted by them, but couldn’t find them in my size.

It looks like there’s loads of sizes still left on here

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Hadn’t really noticed this, but seeing hovercraft-alikes everywhere, now.


These chilli Air Force 1s got recommended to me by a targeted ad when I was in a state of mild delirium and I thought I need to buy these immediately they will sell out immediately and now I’m wondering what the hell I could wear with them that wouldn’t clash and they’re still available in every single size a week on



These are my only pair of trainers:

And I’ve very recently realised all my legwear is knackered and threadbare, so just ordered these

to go alongside a similar bright orange pair as my slacks of choice on rotation.

idgaf, a la this ledge:


These look dope especially the colourways. Adidas is telling me to buy a size half up in this trainer. Does that sound right to you?